My Lack of Knowing The Words

Hey, readers!

Now am gonna write something about me. The short story is I was being silly and ended up in a bad experience. And here goes the long story…

I chatted with a good friend over a mobile messenger yesterday. I have known him for almost six months and he was my favorite male friend and we connected easily for some reasons. Call him JQ. In the beginning of our friendship, he was trying so much to get into my pants, but then he made up his mind because he found out what kind of person I am. I really like him, physically, emotionally. We kinda connected til last night.

I talked about my ex sending message to me about something that I need an advice. I asked JQ for an advice, and he gave such good advices. Til then we had a bit argument about something. He said, “Get over yourself, Christina. Bye and have fun with your ex” I was a bit shocked, wondering if he really means goodbye. Well, my English is okay and I didn’t know the meaning of “Get over” Duh, my lack of knowing!

And then I soon asked a friend who’s native speaker, but dayumm she replied like ages and I just sent a reply to JQ “Get over it. Bye” ~ and my friend replied, she said it means “Let it go” and it’s not good words to say. Ahhh! You know what JQ just replied after? “Bye you b*tch” I was like, “What?!” “What’s happening here?” Okay, I got it. It was me, I didn’t know what I am doing. I didn’t know what he’s feeling. I don’t know what he’s thinking of me. My intuition said that he might just have bad thought about me or be jealous when I talked about my ex. And I didn’t listen to my intuition because am a sensing person. And yes, it’s just because some words that should have not been sent. Now I lost him as a good friend.

Anyway, if by any chance JQ reads my blog. Haha, well who knows, I keep myself being hopeful. I want him to know that I am not that kind of women/girls that he’s ever known. I won’t look back into past. For me, past is past, future is future, present is now! There won’t be any way to have feelings back and I am a LOYAL person for no excuses. I am not angry or mad at JQ of yelling at me “b*tch” over text, no. It was his expression of emotion, I understand. And I am sorry for being silly for saying words that I didn’t really know.

The learnt for you, lovely readers: Be careful with your words when you don’t know the words. And for the better world…let’s make peace with others, be true to yourself, find someone who can appreciate you for who you are. Because life is real short!


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