Beautiful Soul

Have you ever wondered yourself drawn into a really beautiful soul? I do. Beautiful soul and mind – it is like logically beautiful. Maybe I need to explain what beautiful soul I mean here. I met a person who – I think – has a real beautiful soul. This person doesn’t have enough money, and this person doesn’t mind to share the money to someone who needs it more. Don’t you think it is very beautiful?

More explanation. This person is simply wanting his/her life to be as simple as it could be, even the way he/she thinks is very simple. This person never think way too much about everything. This person just thinks about case A – and after case A there is case B and those cases are simply needed to be considered one in a moment, not thinking too much. This person who thinks about present, never recall past or think too much about future. Simply beautiful. And – I am amazed!

I am wishing to see this beautiful soul again next year 🙂


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