Have you cared so much about someone’s opinions? My advice, grow up. Oh hey, reality bites. Either you are doing good or bad, people will keep judging you, talking behind you. No need their opinions on what you are doing. I myself stopped pleasing them.

Human are human. I am human too. We can meet the good ones. We can meet the bad ones. We can meet the beautiful ones. We can meet the ugly ones. Everyone is different.

And this is another thought. Do your best, show them your true colors. Instead of pleasing them, please oh please do what you wanna do. Are you afraid of them judging your new haircut? Are you afraid of they gossip about your new weird but positive hobby? STOP IT, GROW UP. And please stay with the positive ones.

There will always be people who wanna judge you. Who wanna bring you down. Who wanna point your weaknesses to be superior than you. And it’s fine, you gotta chin up. I am here to support you. X.


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